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Reiki Reiki
Reiki cannot be performed by reading about it in some book. A person should be attuned to it before he can practice it. Attunements or initiations are processes that the Reiki master performs on the Reiki trainee, to clear the blockages or malfeasances in the auric system so that cosmic energy can flow freely through the chakras channel, to be applied to oneself, or any recipient, person, animal or object. It is sometimes a subject of ridicule when Reiki people talk of giving Reiki to inanimate objects. Reiki theory states that all matter is made up of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky elements. It may as well be remembered that all matter is made up of atoms that are not exactly inanimate.

Attunements can be compared for fixing a TV antenna so you can receive all channels clearly. Suppose you find that picture you are receiving on your TV set is hazy and the sound unclear, so it is not possible for you to get much benefit out of your set. Then suppose you call in a technician who adjusts the antenna so that the picture is sharp and the sound clear. This is what happens through Reiki attunements. Everyone has the potential to use or transfer Reiki energy. It is just that they need someone to clear the auric channel so that the potential is maximized. Attunements for whichever degree of Reiki you receive, are for life. Of course, if you don’t practice regularly, you will be a weak channel, but there is no need for any further attunements. Whenever you intend to, you can resume the practice of Reiki and the channel will become stronger. Intention is very important in Reiki. Reiki flows from your hands whenever you have the intention of giving Reiki.