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Scanning the Energy Levels Scanning the Energy Levels
Scanning may be done before a Reiki treatment to find out where there is a depletion or congestion of energies in the body. With your palms about 4” away from the body of the concerned person, start from the head and slowly move your hands, palms downwards, along the body, consciously aware of all sensations that you might feel. You may feel a heaviness, or pull in a spot requiring further attention. Move your palm up and down vertically, very slowly to feel where the heaviness/coolness/heat etc. is maximum. If this is at a height of more than 6–8” above the body, there is congestion, which may be ‘Swept’ with brushing motions to relieve it. You can then give Reiki to that part until you feel it drawing energy. If the scanning reveals an auric field of less than 6–8”, there is depletion and maybe an energy leak. A depletion may be treated by giving Reiki to the part for 5–10 minutes or as for as long as it seems to draw energy, but a leak in the auric field is beyond the scope of a first degree practitioner, and you should refer the recipient to a Reiki Master. Scanning is not essential, and often requires a great deal of practice before the practitioner can rely on the feedback from his/her palms, and feel confident about using it.