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Prevention of Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis spreads easily and quickly. One has to maintain good hygiene. If any of the family members is diagnosed as having conjunctivitis, the following steps should be carried out: Treatment of Conjunctivitis
A physician usually prescribes an antibiotic drug and other treatments such as eye drops. Prolonged use of drops however, may aggravate the inflammation. Conjunctivitis known to be caused by an allergy may be treated with corticosteroid drugs. Dark glasses provide protection against bright light, but a patch over the eye may increase the inflammation. If the eye is painful, a mild painkiller such as acetaminophen provides relief. It is important not to rub the eye because this may transmit the conjunctivitis to the other eye. For the same reason, patients with conjunctivitis must wash their hands often and use separate towels in order to prevent transmission of the disease.