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Who is Commonly Affected?
Any personnel coming in contact with the causative agents mention is likely to be affected with the disease.

Incubation Period of Guinea Worm Disease
The incubation period is 9–12 months.

Signs & Symptoms of Guinea Worm Disease
A few days to hours before the worm emerges, the person might develop a fever and have swelling and pain in the area where the worm is. A blister develops and then opens into a wound. When the wound is immersed in water, the worm begins to emerge. Most worm appears on the legs and feet, but they can occur anywhere on the body. After the worm emerges, the wound often becomes painfully swollen and infected.

Causative Agent of Guinea Worm Disease
The adult female Guinea worm is measuring 60–100 cm in length emerges through the skin, usually lower limbs, causing swelling, ulceration and discomfort to the patient.

Cyclops (tiny water flea) acts as a intermediate host (transporting guinea worm larvae from water to human host).