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Towards Better Life (T.B.L) welcome’s you to participate & share in TB Support Group on the Occasion of World TB day.

Let’s come together to make a difference.

World TB Day
In India some illnesses are regarded as prestigious, they are proclaimed with pride like Heart diseases, Diabetes & Blood pressure but illnesses like Epilepsy & TB are considered shameful. TB being a contagious disease is particularly scorned upon by society. Since the advent of the HIV virus in India, TB has infamously come to prominence as the no. 1 killer for people infected with HIV. TB & HIV have become synonymous giving rise to misconceptions about the disease. Not many are aware about the cause & symptoms of TB.

The statistics are frightening. It is said that nearly 5,00,000 Indians die every year of TB. Nearly 40% of the population is affected by this disease. It’s ok to say that if you stand in a crowded square and shout you can reach someone infected with TB. Many aren’t aware that they have TB as the virus may be dormant in them, but its there.

To spread awareness about this cunning disease we are starting an e-support group with the help of To start with it’s going to be an on – line support group, but with the right response plans are to start a meeting where there will be live interaction.

How will e-support help?
  1. Online sharing
  2. Queries can be mailed to for expert resolution
  3. Dispel loneliness let others know – they aren’t alone
  4. To share issues related to TB
  5. Promote Self help & help others
  6. Public awareness – a forum for relatives & friends of people with TB
  7. Chat & Advise from experts in the field
Those who have gone through this pain & those who can understand it are welcome to this self help group.

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