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The transmission of Hepatitis A & E is controlled by promoting simple measures of personal and community hygiene Hepatitis B
Is there a cure?
No, there is no cure for Hepatitis B. People with acute HBV infection can be treated for their symptoms. However most chronic carriers will be asymptomatic, & therefore will not seek treatment. Prevention through immunization is the best protection against Hepatitis B infection.

How effective is the vaccine?
The Hepatitis B vaccine is 95 percent effective & can be given safely to infants, children & adults. The vaccine can prevent infection even when it is applied before 7 days after exposure to infection.

How safe is the vaccine?
Hepatitis B vaccine is very safe. Mild transient effects that may occur after vaccination include How is the vaccine stored?
The storage temperature for Hepatitis B vaccine is same as of DPT, between 2 c to 8 c. Hepatitis B vaccine should never be frozen. Freezing the vaccine causes it to lose its potency.

Where the vaccine is produced?
The vaccine is produced at Serum institute of India, Pune, M/s Shantha Biotect, Hyderabad, & M/s L. G. Science, Korea.

Where the vaccine is given?
Hepatitis B Vaccine was introduced in UIP in Pune and Mumbai Municipal Corporation slums during March,2003.It was introduced in Phase IB Districts in Satara, Ratnagiri & Chandrapur districts in September,2003. From 1.4.2004 the vaccination started in the whole Pune and Mumbai Municipal Corporation areas.