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Various stages of development take place in a child on emotional and physical levels. They are referred to as milestones. Staring from the birth of the child they provide guidelines about his growth.

Age Motor Development Language Development Adaptive Development Socio–Personal Development
4 Your child can be held in sitting position.If put on his tummy, will hold chin up momentarily Will look at you while you talk
6 When put on his tummy, can hold chin up upto 450   Will Smile at you
8 If held in standing position can hold head up. Can hold head up in sitting position 
12 When put on his tummy – can hold chin and shoulders for a longer period. He can also bear weight on forearms Pulls at his dress, holds rattle voluntarily when placed in his hand; retains it for more than a moment, desire to grasp objects seen Not only smiles at you when you speak to him but vocalizes with pleasure, squeals with pleasure
16 In sitting position can hold up constantly, looks actively around Brings hands together and plays with them,approaches object with hands, but overshoots the mark and fails to reach it, tries to shake rattle when placed in his hands Gets excited when he sees toys, shows considerable interest in bottle/breast feedings, laughs aloud, likes to be propped up in sitting position, turns head towards sound
20 Has full control over head Deliberately grasps objects, plays with his toys, splashes in the bath and crumples paper Smiles at himself in the mirror, when he drops his rattle he looks to see where it has gone to
24 Can bear weight on extended hands when put on his tummy, lifts up his head  when you are about to lift him up and holds hands out, can roll from prone to supine Grasps his feet, holds bottle Tries to recover rattle when dropped, may blow bubbles or protrude tongue while imitating you, is afraid of strangers and feels shy, laughs when head is hidden in towel in peep–bo game, shows likes and dislikes for food
28 Bears weight on one hand when put on his tummy,sits with hands forward for support, rolls from his back onto his tummy, can stand for short period when supported Says “Da”, “Ba”, “Ka” Transfers objects from one hand to another,bangs object on table , puts all objects into his mouth, loves to play with paper, feeds himself with biscuits Pats his image in the mirror, will respond when you call him by his name
32 Can bear weight on legs when supported, sits for a few moments unsupported Combines syllables– “Da–da”, “Ba–ba” Reaches persistently for toys out of reach, responds to “No”
36 Stands holding onto furniture, can sit steadily for 10 minutes,  tries to crawl Can pick up small objects between finger and thumb Will put arms in front of his face in order to prevent you from washing it
40 Can pull himself to standing or sitting position,crawls, pulling self forward with hands, abdomen on couch Goes for objects with index finger, can release objects deliberately May pull your clothes to attract your attention,waves bye–bye, holds arm out for sleeve or foot up for socks
44 When standing holding on to some support he lifts himself up Says one word with meaning Will place object in your hand if you request but will not release it Covers his own face in towel in peep–bo game, puts objects in and out of containers
48 Walks sideways holding onto furniture, walks with two hands held, can turn around in sitting position Rolls ball towards you, gives and takes toys while playing, will release objects in your hands Repeats performances which you laugh at, shows interest in simple picture books
1 Yr Walks with one hand held, can walk on hands and feet like a bear, may shuffle on buttocks and hands Says two or three words with meaning Will understand your questions like, “Where is your shoe?”, will kiss you on request
13 Mths Stands alone for a moment Can hold two cubes in one hand, makes lines/marks with pencil Will kiss his mirror image
15 Mths Can get into standing position without support,creeps upstairs, walks without help with broad–base, high–stepping gait and steps of unequal length and direction Jargon Builds towers with cubes, throws objects on the floor, takes off shoes Will point out the objects he wants, pats pictures and kisses animal pictures, feeds himself, can manage a cup
18 Mths Climbs stairs unaided– holding rail, seats himself on chair, pulls toy while walking Manages a spoon, turns 2–3 pages of a book at a time, scribbles, takes off socks, unzips fasteners Will point correctly at pictures you name,can name simple objects, points to nose etc. when you ask, carries out your orders, tries to imitate you in domestic work
21 Mths Walks backward, picks up objects without falling,can climb up 2 steps at a time Joins two words together, asks for things, repeats what you say Pulls you to show objects, knows a few body parts
2 Yrs Goes up and down the stairs alone – 2 per step Uses words– I, me, you, talks incessantly Turns book pages singly, turns doorknobs,unscrews lids, puts on shoes, socks, pants, washes and dries hands Imitates vertical stroke with pencil, plays near other children but not with them
2.5 Yrs Jumps with both feet, walks on tiptoe when you ask him to Holds pencil in hand instead of fist Imitates horizontal stroke of pencil, repeats 2 digits, shows interest in sex organs, gives full name, helps to put things away
3 Yrs Goes upstairs 1 step at a time and climbs down 2, Jumps off bottom step, stands on 1 foot for a few seconds,rides tricycle Dresses and undresses self if helped with buttons and about back and front and right foot for shoe, Unbuttons front buttons, can be trusted to carry china Copies circle, constantly asks questions, knows own sex, repeats 3 digits, knows nursery rhymes, may count up to 10, joins children in play, draws objects spontaneously.