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After waiting for this day for months: finally you get to meet your new baby. Like most new parents, you may also be confused and not have a clear idea of what that meeting will be like. Your baby’s first day of life outside the womb is one of the most eventful days in your own life.

How does my baby communicate?
Crying is your baby’s main method of communication, but he is also capable of other, more fine forms. Your baby’s cries generally tell you that something is wrong such as, he needs some attention, his belly is empty, his bottom is wet, his feet are cold, he’s tired, he needs to be held and cuddled. You will slowly but surely recognize which need your baby is expressing and respond accordingly. Most of the times your baby needs can be identified by his cry–for example, the “I’m hungry” cry may be short and low–pitched, while “I’m upset’ may sound irregular. Sometimes your child may cry for no particular reason at all and you aren’t able to console him immediately. In such situations don’t be too upset as crying is one of his ways of shutting out stimuli when he’s overloaded.

A newborn can tell between the sound of a human voice and other sounds. You need to try and pay attention to how he responds to your voice. He gets readily associated with your voice with care, food, warmth, touch. If he’s crying in his crib, see how quickly your approaching voice quiets him. See how closely he listens when you are talking to him in loving tones. He’ll be paying close attention to your voice as you speak. During your newborn’s first month, he may give you a glimpse of his first smile and perhaps his first laugh or giggle.

Vision of your New Born
What can a newborn baby see
A new born will not be able to focus properly on anything that is more than ten inches away. A newborn’s eyes are sensitive to the human face and movement. A newborn’s color vision is initially limited to bright colors like red and blue, and then eventually to include green and yellow.

When will your child develop perfect vision
When your baby is four months old he/she will develop complete three–dimensional vision. And by the age on six months he/she will probably have perfect vision.

How can you tell if your child has a vision problem
Your child may be having a vision problem if she keeps bumping into the furniture or has trouble following the trail of a ball thrown to her, it may be a sign that she cannot see properly. Be alert for changes in the appearance of her eyes, such as a lazy eye, drooping eyelid or a squint.

Hearing of your New Born
What can your newborn baby hear
Babies are startled by loud noises. At four months, they turn towards the source of the sound. Hearing and speech go hand in hand. By three months, most babies will have limited conversations with their parents. Familiar sounds will provoke certain emotions.

How does a baby’s hearing develop
Your child understands the different emotions like anger and love as she grow older. Various sounds help a child learn to communicate. Speech will develop faster if a child is spoken to and addressed. Mothers should always talk to their kids while feeding, bathing, playing, etc.

How can I tell if my child has a hearing problem
Hearing and speech go hand–in–hand. If your child is not speaking by the time she is 36 months old, you may have to seek medical advise. Deficient hearing may be responsible for a speech problem.

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