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Cereals like wheat, bajra, jowar, can be malted. Ragi is commonly eaten in southern parts of India. Other cereals like rice, rice flakes, corn flakes, can also be roasted and powdered and given in the form of porridge. Pulses like moong (whole) can be malted as it is easy to digest. Roasted and powdered moong dal can be used in porridge.

Roasted and ground peanuts (1 tsp.) can be given to children at the age of 9 months. Vegetables: boiled and mashed soft vegetables can be added to the porridges. For e.g. tomato, gourds, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.

Hard cooked egg yolk can be added to the various porridges. Some recipes from energy dense foods
Add all ingredients and cook for a few minutes by adding water or milk to a semi solid /mashed consistency.

Bajra 2 tbsp.
Chana dal 2 tbsp.
Rice (Poha) porridge
Rice flakes (Poha) ground 2 tbsp.
Fruit porridge
Rawa 2 tbsp.
Add a boiled banana or fruit
Apple porridge
Rice 2 tbsp.
½ boiled Apple.
Veg porridge
Bajra 2 tbsp.
Peanuts 1tsp.
Masoor/tur 1 tbsp.
Carrot/Veg. 2 tbsp.
Tomato porridge
Bajra 2 tbsp.
Rice powder 2 tsp.
Peanuts 1 tsp.
Tur dal 1tbsp.
Tomato (boiled)1 tbsp.
Veg Paratha
Bajra 2 tbsp.
Peanut 2tsp
Masoor/Tur/Chana 1 tbsp
Potato (boiled) 2 tbsp
Oil 1 tsp

Mix all ingredients Make dough and roast as Paratha Substitute cereal with wheat, jowar, and ragi. Substitute potato with spinach, other vegetables.