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Fractures Fractures
What is the first–aid treatment for fractures? What should one do if a splint is not available?
Splint Splint
There is always a piece of wood or a stick or some straight, firm object that can be used as an improvised splint. Furthermore, a fractured arm can be splinted against the body, and a fractured leg can be splinted against the other leg.

Should the splint be padded before being placed alongside a fractured extremity?
Yes. A piece of clothing placed between the injured extremity and the splint will prevent injury from undue pressure.

How should a splint be kept in place?
By tying handkerchief at various places along the splint or by tearing up a shirt and using it as a bandage.

Before applying a splint, what should be done with the fractured limb?
Fractured Limb Fractured Limb
Try to place it in as straight a position as possible. Do it gently so as not to hurt the patient.Fractured limb

What are the best positions in which to splint an arm?
In a straight position; or the arm can be strapped to the side of the body. In this way, the body itself acts as a splint.

What are the best ways to splint a leg?
The opposite leg can be used as a splint so that the injured leg can be straightened and attached to the other leg. This will be form an excellent splint in most instances.

Are special first-aid measures needed in the treatment of compound fractures? How long can tourniquets be safely left in place?
A tourniquet should be released every twenty minutes for a few minutes to restore circulation. During this time, pressure with one’s fingers should be applied over the bleeding artery.