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What is heat stroke?
Heatstroke Heatstroke
It is sunstroke caused by overexposure to sun and extremely high temperatures.Heat Stroke & Heat Exhaustion

Who is most likely to be affected by heat stroke?
Older people, those who are not in good health. Men seem to be more readily affected than women.

What are the characteristic symptoms and results of heat stroke?
The patient runs an extremely high fever, which may cause extensive damage to important structures such as the brain, the liver, or the kidneys.

What is the first–aid treatment for heat stroke?
Place the patient in a tub of cold water, preferably containing ice. This will reduce the body temperature.
Wrap the patient in cold, wet sheets or towels.
Give an enema containing iced water.
Summon the doctor as quickly as possible. People whose temperatures remain much above 1060 F. for prolonged periods usually do not recover.

What is heat exhaustion?
This is condition caused by excessive exposure to heat, not necessarily in the sun, in which the patient perspires, becomes weak, and may faint or lose consciousness. Heat exhaustion is more common in women than in me.

What is the first–aid treatment for heat exhaustion?
People suffering from heat exhaustion should be cooled quickly by being placed into a tub of cold water.
Salt tablets should be given. Ten grains three times a day is sufficient. (Heat exhaustion is always accompanied by free perspiration and loss of body salt.)
The patient should be kept in bed and allowed to rest until body fluids and salt have had time to be absorbed.