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Exercise five is bent–over rowing, again with a barbell. This time the grip is a wide one, and the bar is raised to the chest while the body is in a bent–over position. The main purpose of this exercise is to develop the muscles in the arms and the latissimus dorsi, or ‘Lats’ as they are always called. Once again a different muscle is targeted preserving the comprehensive nature of the workout. The muscles of the upper body are now given a rest.

It is the turn of the legs to be exercised in the sixth movement. The squat bar for the deep knees bend has to be taken off the stands and the bar balanced across the shoulders. This is for the muscles at the front of the thighs (or quadriceps as they are properly known) and of the lower back (the gluteal muscles).

The seventh exercise is a complete change, the sit–up either flat on the floor or on a decline bench. This is for the abdominal muscles which most young people like to train. No weight is needed for this. The abdominal muscles can be just as effectively exercised by doing ‘Crunches’ which are sit–ups done with the legs bent, say over a bench.

Weightlifting Weightlifting

The final exercise which is to be introduced is the two hands dead lift with barbell where good style is paramount. This develops the muscles of the lower back, the gluteal muscles, and is beneficial for all–round body strength, including the legs. In this, the bar is picked up from the ground so that the lifter stands straight until the finish of the movement. The bar is lowered and the movement repeated.

This is the basic routine that must be done every time on entering the gym. Now, the summarized routine for beginners is as below
Routine for Beginners

Exercises Muscles Sets Reps
1. Two hands barbell press deltoids, triceps 2/3 8/10
2. Two hands barbell curl biceps 2/3 8/10
3. Bench press pectorals/triceps 3/4 8/10
4. Upright rowing deltoids/trapezius 2/3 8/10
5. Bent–over rowing lats/back 2/3 8/10
6. Squat thighs 2/3 8/10
7. Sit–ups (finger tips at side head) abdominals 2/3 8/10
8. Dead lift back, legs 2/3 8/10

Later if time and inclination remains, the following may be added

Overhead pulley deltoids 2/3 8/10
Pulley in to waist upper back 2/3 8/10