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Depression is Bad for man’s heart
According to a new study, depressed men run a greater risk than depressed women of dying from heart diseases. New research gives depressed men something else to lament. They face an increased risk of dying from heart disease. While previous research has shown that depression in men and women is linked to heart disease, only men faced an increased risk of heart–disease related death.

Effect of Depression Differs
While the depressed women faced a 73 percent higher heart–disease risk than non–depressed women, they were not at greater risk of dying. Among men, those with depression had a 71 percent higher heart–disease risk and were 2.34 times more likely to die of heart disease than non–depressed men. Although it is not yet conclusively clear as to how exactly depression affected the heart, previous research has shown that stress hormones that may be activated in depression can constrict blood vessels and may lead to artery blockage.