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Loneliness generally occurs at certain times of the day or during specific days such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Get busy with other things this helps to provide an effective means of dealing with loneliness.

1. Keep busy
If you are lonely, do things that one does regularly. live each day with enthusiasm and optimism, go for walks, write letters, visit people, fix something, take up a hobby, become a collector. Learn to be internet savvy, you will find a heap of information here. Be involved in everything that attracts your attention–even the smallest little thing–this can soon grow into a significant projects. Happy people are usually busy people. Busy with any small thing. Cure loneliness by keeping busy.

2. Involve yourself
If you are lonely, involve yourself in your community. A temple or for that matter any place of worship maybe a good place. There is always something to do. Retired people they find themselves in a precarious condition. Some just sit in a chair staring into space or watch TV. This kind of mental attitude can make a person very lonely. And, if he/she continues like this there will come a time when loneliness will become a full time occupation.

3. Help others
In your loneliness, look for and strive to cure the loneliness of others–it will cure your own. Give support to some of those people who made no provisions for old age. There are so many people who need help–find them and help them.

4. Don’t be an escapeist
If you are lonely, don’t day dreaming, don’t sleep too much or watch too much TV. Too much sleep is an escape mechanism. We can find ourselves fleeing from guilt, responsibility, failure, and hopelessness. Don’t turn to alcohol–it only makes matters worse.

5. Choose to be happy
Loneliness causes depression and unhappiness. Fight unhappiness with a direct attack of the will–try to be happy in spite of the circumstances. You should tell yourself that unhappiness will not make things better. It just makes things worse. So choose to be happy. Fight depression by talking out your problems. If alcoholics can join a group and get control of their drinking, you can join a group and get control of your depression. Talk to people, a counselor, and get into an attitude of optimism.

6. Collect good thoughts
If you are lonely, listen to good music read inspirational thoughts, jokes, poems, and literary works. Join a library, read good books, if you can, if you have sight problems get someone read to you. You can even go to bookshops and browse around for sometime.

7. Join a social group
There are so many groups today, join one of the many social groups in your community. Visit the Senior Citizen meetings regularly and meet new people. You will find many individuals there that are involved in social gatherings of various types. Commit yourself to one or more groups that you find of interest. Go to a garden close by your home, this is where a lot of elders ‘Hang out’. There are also laughing groups in many cities now.

8. Go to place of worship
If you are lonely, this is one place that attracts seniors, as now is the time to devote to God. All your duties and obligations in life are over. Now is the time to do things for yourself for peace and serenity.

Think up, think out, toward people, think around, toward all the exciting things of life, and avoid thinking too much about yourself, and the problem of loneliness will disappear.