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Retirement blues Retirement blues Coping with post–retirement blues
Retirement from active service is nothing to be paranoid. Coping With Post–Retirement about. It is of course quite natural to harbor certain misgivings about leading a retired life. However, it need not be as bad as you would sometimes imagine. In fact, it could still be a period of your life when you could live your life to its fullest. Listed below are at least 10 things you could look forward to in the “Twilight zone” of your life.

Take a vacation
If you can afford it, why not? Isn’t it a great idea? Go on a world tour or anywhere you fancy. Otherwise, take shorter “Inland” trips to explore some of the famous tourist destinations in India you’ve never been to.

Lend a helping hand to somebody
It is a fact that working with the under–privileged often helps us put things in proper perspective in our own lives. So many volunteers have confessed to have experienced a sense of fulfillment by contributing actively to some social cause such as the uplift of the downtrodden.

Get yourself a pet
Especially if you happen to be an animal lover, it would come as a pleasant surprise to you to discover how much joy a four–legged furry could bring to your own life. And if you don–t quite fancy dogs, maybe, you could consider keeping other pets like goldfish, birds or cats.

Discover a new hobby
Take time off to discover your passion. Now you have all the time in the world to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. If you’ve dreamt of swimming with fish underwater, for instance, take a shot at scuba diving. Take heart, it's never too late.

Get closer to your grandchildren
The best way to do that is to create situations in which you spend more time with them. For example, you could familiarize yourself with computers from your IT–savvy grandson, if you have one.

Catch up on your reading
One of the biggest challenges you are likely to encounter on retiring is maintaining the agility of your mind. Reading could surely serve that purpose, besides helping you relax. Moreover, it also offers you a cheap form of entertainment. So, why don’t you join some good library.

Learn to play some musical instrument
If your deepest regret has been not having learnt to play, say, the guitar. Well, don’t continue being frustrated over it. Be it any of the stringed instruments or keyboard instruments, go for it. Yes, even at your age, you can do it, and you’ll be surprised at the progress you make.

Get back to academics
Nobody is too old to enroll for a course in, say, history or literature. In fact, you could find it great fun, especially since now you’d be studying just for the sheer joy of acquiring knowledge and not pass examinations.

Yes, pamper yourself
You deserve it, after all the sacrifices you’ve made in your life. Now is the time to indulge a little and pamper yourself. Tell yourself how much you love your body by, maybe, taking a stroll or undergoing aromatherapy massages.

Pick up your pen
Why not? Write your autobiography and leave it behind as a family legacy. Yes, posterity might thank you for it.