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These few tips on parenting could perhaps make the job easier!
  1. Give your child the freedom to ask questions and allow him to disagree with you sometimes.
  2. Praising, if done rightly glorifies your child’s good behavior (It will not spoil your child. Praise the act, not the child.)
  3. The discipline must fit the deed, not exceed it.
  4. Children don’t learn from what you say, but they learn more from what you do.
  5. Demonstrate love and affection whenever necessary. Don’t use love as a payment for good conduct.
  6. Don’t be over protective towards your child, we all learn by making mistakes.
  7. Children do not upset you, rather it is your attitudes which upset you.
Expect your child to give ‘His’ best and not to ‘Be’ the best.

Check whether the following symptoms are present in someone you know He/She could have a psychological problem. Take him to a mental health professional (psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychiatric Social Worker)