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Before you shampoo you should brush your hair to remove any dirt and remove tangles.

You should gently massage your scalp in the shower to boost your circulation. Start at the front of your head and gently work your way to the back.

You should only apply conditioner to to the mid length and ends of your hair.

After you shampoo try using vinegar as a rinse. It will help boost your hair shine.

You should use mildly cold water to rinse your hair as this will close the cuticles which will ensure a shine.

You should squeeze the excess water from your hair and then blot your hair with a towel. This procedure will help to retain moisture.

You should not brush wet hair as at this stage it will be easily damaged. Using a wide tooth comb work your hair in sections.

Let your hair dry naturally. You will find that heated styling appliances will damage the hair shaft. Spray some hairspray on a comb and run through the hair. This will tame your hair and give it that polished finish.