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Conditioner contains positively charged particles which will bond with the negative charge of shampooed hair. Your conditioner will help maintain the overall appearance and health of the Hair. If you have fine hair and are short of time you will find that leave–in conditioners are excellent. Conditioners that are designed for colored hair deposit a protective film around the damaged areas of the hair shaft which helps to lock in color pigments. Conditioners for permed hair will give stability. If you have dry hair you should use a hydrating hair mask. Moisturizing treatments will make your hair soft and easy to manage. You will find that protein packs will put back strength into your hair. For the best results you should apply conditioner to damp hair. Try and avoid using hot oil treatments to hydrate your hair.

Raw eggs and Hair Care
Did you know that raw eggs can be used as part of your beauty routine and not just on your face? You can also use them in your hair for conditioning and adding shine. Here are two recipes that you can use before you shampoo or after. The choice is yours.
Conditioners to be used before shampooing: Conditioners to be used after shampooing:
Beat a couple of egg yolks with a tablespoon or two of water depending on the length of your hair and then rinse after 15 minutes. If you use a whole egg whisked with a little lemon juice and condition your hair with this concoction, it will add shine also.

Hair Loss
Hair Fall Hair Fall
Losing around 100 to 200 hairs a day is normal and you have nothing to worry about. However more than this needs to be looked into. Hormonal changes, shock, stress, depression, illness and poor diet may all lead to excessive hair loss. There are many treatments available these days and most important you should consult your doctor. Be wary of the expensive treatments. Good diet, vitamins, minerals and proteins, head massage and relaxation will all help.