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Normal Hair
Usually this is as a result of genetics. You will find that a basic hair care regime will be fine. You should avoid harsh hair care products and those heated styling appliances.

Dry Hair
This may be caused by a number of contributing factors including poor diet, chemical treatments, heated styling appliances and overexposure to the sun.

Greasy Hair
This is often the result of a hormonal imbalance. A poor diet, harsh hair care products and stress may also be a facture. It is often characterized by a oily scalp and dry ends. This condition is caused by excessive amounts of sebum.

Split Ends
The problem of split ends occurs when the cuticle is damaged and the fibers of the cortex unravel. This happens because of chemicals, neglect and harsh treatment. Conditioner will not fix this problem. You will need to have the split ends cut off. It is best to go to the hair dresser but you may do it yourself. Just take some small sections of hair strands, twist them, very carefully run some scissors up and down the hair shaft cutting off any stray ends that poke out.

Flaky Scalp
A flaky scalp is most often as a result of a lack of sebum, stress, poor diet or harsh shampoos. You may simply rebalance a flaky scalp with a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner.