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Effective parenting
Parenting can be tough. One is constantly performing a balancing act, as one wants to minimize the wrong moves. Is it heartening therefore, to see that ultimately most of us manage to do this job pretty well. Some of us though, face major difficulties.

Some parents do not think that the “Right” behavior can be or need be taught. On the other hand, they feel “Wrong” behavior, should be severely punished. Very often physical punishment is used which makes the child feel humiliated. Consequently, the child learns what “Wrong” behavior is, but does not know what “Right” behavior is. For some others, “Right” behavior ought to be severely enforced and “Wrong” behavior severely punished. Any mistake on the part of the child is not tolerated.

Very often physical punishment is used. All this does not help the child to grow up into a confident human being who can take any initiative in life. In yet another group of parents, “Right” behavior is not taught while “Wrong” behavior is condoned or ignored. Such a child develops low frustration tolerance and poor self–esteem.

A majority of parents use an effective method of parenting. The parent explains what “Right” behavior is mostly by actions and setting of examples. “Wrong” behavior begets certain consequences. These are either explained to the child or the child is made aware of these in advance. Physical punishment is not used, except in severe circumstances, like when the child’s behavior can cause injury to self or to others. The parents express love towards the child as a person, even while pointing out mistakes to the child. This helps the child to have a clear idea of socially accepted behavior and negative consequences. This is turn, engenders confidence and self–assurance in the child.