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Did you know that Apple Cider Vinegar, is helpful in getting rid of Dandruff!
  1. Did you know that hair growth is influenced by the season of the year, your age, sex, location of hair, what you eat and even the time of day? Its true.
  2. As stated above, what you eat is important. Fill you diet with lots of vegetables and foods high in vitamin A, C, B complex (very important) iron, iodine, and copper.
  3. While hair grows on an average of 1/4 inch a month, as you grow older, it does slow down. It will take longer for new hairs to reproduce and sometimes it never happens. Luckily for the ladies, very few of us will ever suffer from baldness.
  4. Hair does not turn gray, it loses color due to the lack of new color pigment in each hair.
  5. There is no right answer for how often you should wash your hair. It is different for everyone.You will know when the time is right by the appearance and feel of your hair. If it doesn’t feel dirty, there is no reason to wash it. It is as simple as that.
  6. Few mistakes are made when your hair is shampooed. Here are a few tricks for you. Wet hair thoroughly and then add just a dab of shampoo. You will be amazed at how little is really needed. If you don’t have the lather you desire, try adding a little more water instead of shampoo.
  7. Using too much shampoo will strip the oils from your hair and contribute to flyaway hair.
  8. Massage the lather into your hair, don’t rub. You can activate the sebaceous glands, causing more oil to be released. Rubbing can also cause the hair to catch on the other hairs, causing damage.
  9. Blot your hair with the towel. Don’t rub. The same problems as mentioned above can happen. Be very gentle with your hair. It is very vulnerable at this time.
  10. Egg shampoo. You have probably heard of it before and now I'm going to tell you what it does for your hair. IT ADDS PROTEIN. So, if you have damaged, fragile, or even tinted hair, this might be perfect for you. It is also very gentle and cleanses without removing the natural oil.