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Those who care for a dog have better health
Own & Care Own & Care
To own and care for a pet, particularly a dog, is to enjoy better physical and mental health. This is true for all sections of the population. Dog owners, compared to non–pet owners, are more physically active and report greater satisfaction with their physical fitness. They visit the doctor less often. Fewer take medication for high blood pressure, sleeping difficulties, high cholesterol or a heart problem. They also experience social benefits–careers are less likely to report feeling lonely.
The degree of person–pet bonding is significant. For the single person closely bonded with their dog, the benefits are even more marked
Owners, typically, are responsible & caring.
The great majority of pet owners are responsible and considerate careers. They treat their dog or cat with affection and as a member of the family. They care for its well–being, health and safety.
In relation to dogs: There is wide support among pet owners for the deseeding of cats and dogs–90% of cats and 61% of dogs. Therefore, the finding that ‘Complaints from neighbors about pets are rare’ does not come as a surprise.

Dog faces can foul public places
Public places–streets, parks, beaches and river banks–are important places for the recreational exercise of dogs. The use of parks as a canine toilet facility, however, is considerably less than universal. As expected, it is more common in urban areas. Among careers, there are those that pick up their dog’s faces in public places and there are those that don’t. Again, women are more responsible than men. Sydney leads the way in the removal of faces from public places.