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Perhaps the real fear women have about getting old is about losing their looks. Most wouldn't mind old age, if one continued to look as good as the young? Now with the help of better skin technology and a little help from the make up artist, older women need not fear their fading beauty. It is possible to look good even when the skin sags or the lines begin to appear. Amrita Verma, make up artist shows how. She says, “The first thing about mature women is that their skin sags and fine lines begin to appear. But even this can be tackled with effectively. We now have a special base that reflects light. The result is that when such a light reflecting base is used, it gives the impression that the skin is glowing and also helps ease the fine lines on the skin”. But is too much make up bad for the skin? “Not all all” says Verma, “In fact modern make up often has ingredients that help protect the skin. Most bases contain Vitamins E and A and ginseng that are good for the skin. Also they double up as a mositureriser as well, so it is not only perfectly safe to use these products, but also advisable as well”.

The next problem area with mature women is the eye. Often the eyes are accompanied by crows feet and dark rings. says Verma “Though there are procedures that help reduce such problems, as far as make up goes mature women should avoid dark eye make up. The lashes and the brow begin to thin out so one should choose a brown shade as opposed to black. I’d advise the sue of eye pencils rather than eye liners, but if a liner is used, it should be smudged.”

“Smudging gives a soft rather than hard look, which is what such women should aim to achieve. The aim should not be to project youth but to look pleasantly flattering. The idea is to work with nature rather than against it.”After the eyes come the lips. “The most common problem is that the lip line droops. At this time it is important to pinks and lights browns rather than maroons. Lining the lips is a complete no–no. Instead one should blend the lip colors with the fingertips rather than use brushes. Also one should stay away from the matt look as it tends to make the skin look dry and dull. A medium gloss is just right.” One’s techniques are put to a real test when it comes to using the blusher. says Verma “One should use a cream blusher rather than powders. Unlike the young where we do a lot of cutting, mature women should apply a blusher on the apple of the cheek. The idea is to give a happy, well blended look”.

The other thing to watch out for is hair. since anyway the gray begins to make its presence felt, it is always better that one avoids the pitch black of the younger days. Says Verma “One should switch to mahogany or browns as that will give one a softer look”. With a little help from the pots and paints, it is possible to look good and age be damned.