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How to keep your skin healthy & young ?
There are myriad products on the market purporting to make Skin Care your skin look younger. But no anti–aging cream, exfoliating wash, European facial, ag–defying makeup, or herbal remedy is more powerful than the lifestyle steps every woman can take to keep her skin looking smooth and healthy for as long as possible.

Many people begin to develop fine lines around the eyes in their 40s. But any deep facial wrinkles that emerge before age 50 are generally attributable to the cumulative effects of sun exposure, cigarette smoking, or both, according to cosmetic surgeons.This observation springs into dramatic relief when you compare the skin on your face and the backs of your hands to the relatively smooth, monotone skin on your buttocks.

Skin Care Skin Care
To a lesser extent, yo–yo dieting, chronic exposure to wind, and over–animated facial expressions may also contribute to premature skin aging. Aside from Father Time, the only skin–aging factor beyond your control is genetics. If your grandmother and mother looked younger than their years, you and your children probably will, too, in middle age–especially if you adopt a lifelong habit of using sunscreens, wearing wide–brimmed hats on sunny days, shunning tobacco and secondhand smoke, and avoiding yo–yo dieting and the other aforementioned risk factors.

Types of Wrinkles
Dermatologists and plastic surgeons distinguish between two types of facial wrinkles. Static and Dynamic, Static wrinkles are always visible, even when all the facial muscles are resting. Static wrinkles tend to develop in skin that has thinned and stretched as a result of premature or natural aging processes. Dynamic wrinkles occur in people of all ages, even young children. Sometimes called “Laugh lines”, dynamic wrinkles appear temporarily when a muscle contracts, causing the overlying skin to crease like an accordion. Dynamic wrinkles are seen only when you are smiling, raising your eyebrows, or otherwise animating your facial expression.