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Description: You can locate a blood donor of a specific blood group, also locate blood bank. Donate blood and save someone’s life. Register as blood donor.
Description: If you wish to locate a blood donor of a specific blood group, in Maharashtra, To find a blood bank near your house, If you would like to save a Life, or be informed of our activities, please visit this site.
Description: Need Blood Urgently? Search for your required blood group donor throughout Maharashtra. Register yourself for blood donation and save a life! Ambulance, Hospitals, Blood Banks. You can also “View Blood Requests”.
Description: a non–profit, non–commercial interface was born out of our social commitment and our desire to use the power of the Internet to help common people.
Description: Healthy high quality blood and blood components from 100% voluntary donors. Fully tested at our state–of–the–art lab and available to all.
Description: Find out your nearest blood donor to save a precious life.