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For as long as toothache has plagued humankind, Dentistry has existed. Through the ages, the traditional image of the dentist has evolved from the kindly relative dispensing home remedies to alleviate pain, to the local barber or blacksmith, preparing to extract the offending tooth, to the modern professional we know today.

Dentistry in the present day is concerned with all health problems afflicting the mouth and teeth. Its skill is no longer applied only in times of emergencies, but is now accepted as a scientifically sound professional field of great significance to public health and includes dental care and correction.

Fields of Work
Private Practice
Dentistry is lucrative profession and many dentists prefer to be in private practice, as it provides the best financial prospects as well as greater independence. Private practitioners work either alone, often setting up a clinic on their own premises, or in partnership with colleagues, sharing resources and overheads.

Dentist also works in hospitals, under the designation of Dental Surgeon. This could either be in a general hospital, as part of the Government Medical Corps, with one of the services, like the Railway or the Military or even a company or private hospital.

Levels of Functioning
Particularly in private practice, it is usual to begin one’s career as an assistant or associate, with a view to becoming a partner at a later date. This is primarily an opportunity to learn how a practice is run. Work at this level is largely administrative, and involves a good deal of filling out forms ordering supplies contacting technician’s etc.