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Cardiac Centre (Ruby Hall Clinic) Cardiac Centre (Ruby Hall Clinic)
The growth in private health care in recent years has created a need by consultants, family doctors and by patients alike for the highest possible standards in local private hospitals. The Ruby Hall Cardiac Center was developed to meet this demand, with the active support of all branches of the medical profession to serve the people of Pune and Maharashtra.

Echocardiography and Doppler Studies
Ruby Hall Clinic was the first in Pune to introduce this diagnostic facility. 2D Echocardiography was initially started in 1982 and followed up with color Doppler imaging in 1989. Exactly five years later, Transoesophgeal Echocardiography was also begun. Two of the most sophisticated machines, the Hewlett Packard sonos 1000 and 2000 associated with high powered 2MHZ transducers, neonatal, pediatric probes and CW probes are currently being used.

Computerized Stress Testing
We have a state of the art Swiss made Schiller machine model No.CS200 which perform at least 8 to 10 stress tests every day.

24 Hour Ambulatory Holter
This facility is also available at our Diagnostic Center and the latest generation device from Hewlett Packard, USA is being used. We do 24–hour Holter Monitoring.

This is considered to be the gold standard for evaluation of coronary artery disease and gives a perfect idea of the nature and extent of coronary disease and blocks. The procedure is generally a daycare one and the patient can walk home in the evening. Most of the time the groin approach is used and the procedure is done percutanously without any stitches. The contrast is injected and as it flows down the coronary arteries mixed with the blood, high resolution filming is done by very sophisticated equipment. CD as well as video film are thus obtained, on which all the information is stored.

Ruby Hall Clinic has a Philips Integris 3000 and 2000 system which matches most of the world’s best angiography system, and around 250 procedures are performed every months.

Coronary Balloon Angioplasty
This is a procedure by which clogged arteries are opened up. A special balloon is passed through the narrowed segments and with high pressure the cholesterol deposits are squeezed against the wall, thus opening up the main passage to restore smooth blood supply. This helps to completely relieve the obstruction. Angioplasty was started in this institution more than 8 years ago and on an average, 3 such procedures are now performed daily. Many of these are complex in nature, wherein more than one coronary artery is opened out. To further improve upon the results of Angioplasty, the use of stents is now coming into vogue. These are stainless steel springs which are placed in the coronary artery after Angioplasty is done, which help to keep the arteries open for a much longer period of time. Very often, more than one stent is required in a particular artery. Our Cardiologists have now been using stents since October 1994.

Ruby Hall is on the map of India as a Member of the National PTCA Registry.

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