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We take great pleasure in introducing Grant Medical Foundation, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. This Hospital was established in 1959 to offer medical facilities to the needy patients in and around Pune. All modern facilities and sophisticated medial equipment are available. At present the hospital is functioning with 485 beds.

Our departments are headed by highly qualified and experience Consultants, many of whom are recognized teachers in their respective fields. Over the years, highly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic facilities have been added, with the objective of providing comprehensive health care under one roof.

Government/Institution Recognition

Ruby Hall Clinic is recognized by both the Central and State Governments, also by most of the major Government Undertakings and large industries, for treatment of their employees and families.

Ruby Hall Clinic extends free and concessional treatment to the economically weaker section of society. At present, a large number of deserving patients from the economically backward strata of society, are treated free of charge and at concessional rates. Our Cobalt Unit also extends free and concessional Radiotherapy treatment to cancer patients who are unable to afford the cost.

The Hospital has also set up a Dispensary in a nearby slum area, which provides free treatment to the slum dwellers.

It has been our endeavor to provide modern medical care to our patients, encourage research activities, to give extensive training to medical students, continuously improve nursing care and extend our service to rural areas which suffer from paucity of medical and health care facilities.

Ruby Hall clinic is held in esteem for its high success rate in sophisticated surgery, particularly in the following fields.

The facilities available at Grant Medical Foundation are enumerated below

Indoor Beds
The present 485 beds are divided into general, semi–private, private and luxury and deluxe suites. General beds are distributed in male, female general wards, Gynecology and Obstetrics ward and Pediatrics unit. A large number of semi private and private rooms are available with attached toilet. Luxury rooms with air–conditioned facilities, TV and telephone are also provided.

Out Patients
There are 30 well furnished consulting rooms for consultation with a very large waiting area for the patients. The out patients department begins at 9:00am with general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatric, orthopedic, ophthalmology and ENT. Also super specialty out patient department begins at 9 am with cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, nephrology, plastic surgery, and pediatric surgery.

Emergency & Trauma Services
A 24–hour emergency service is provided. This area is manned by qualified doctors and nurses round the clock.

Cardiovascular Department

Cardiology & Cardio Vascular Department
There are four well–equipped cardiac theatres for Cardiac surgery. The ultramodern operation theatres are equipped with the latest monitoring equipment, blood gas analyzers, heart–lung machines, ventilators etc. The walls are covered with stainless steel and anti–static flooring along with laminar airflow system has been used. A team of well qualified and experienced Cardiac surgeons and Cardiologists man the department.

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (C.A.B.G.)
Ruby Hall Clinic is fully equipped to carry out almost all Cardiac Surgical procedures, such as valve replacement repair of diseased Rheumatic and congenital valves. The doctors of the Hospital have a vast experience in the use of valves and Bioprosthetic valves with over 3,000 replacement to its credit.

C.A.B.G. is a very common and successful way of restoring energy and vigor to people with Coronary heart disease. More than 15,000 Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (C.A.B.G.) procedures have been performed at the Hospital in the past 10 years.

Since 1991, use of IMA ad arterial conduits have become common in C.A.B.G operation in Ruby Hall Clinic. They have changed the outlook of the results of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting surgery. Thus arterial revascularisation or total arterial grafting for triple vessel coronary has now become a common operation at Ruby Hall Clinic with very minimal risk < 1%.

Post Operative & Intensive Cardiac Care Unit
The Recovery Room has a capacity to accommodate 22 patients for post operative surgical care. All the beds are equipped with H.P. Monitoring systems with facilities for on the spot blood gas analysis and to record and measure critical care parameters.

The ICU – CCU complex houses 56 beds and is the largest of its kind in India and lies adjacent to the Cardiac Theaters and Cath. Labs. A team of experience surgeons, anesthetists, and well trained nurses are available in the post operative Recovery and the Intensive Cardiac Care Units. This Unit is a bee–hive of activity and is a model for patient care with all the requisite facilities.

The Department of Cardiology is an area of core competence at Ruby Hall Clinic. The Cath. Lab. was established 15 years ago. It house the most modern Philips Integrals HM 2000 systems. Two Cath. Labs. are fully functional. Our admissions for Angiography is on an average 20 patients a day and more than 25 Cardiologists us the facilities of this unit where we treat Acute Myocardial Infarction. This unit is manned by highly skilled and qualified Cardiologists round the clock. More than 25,000 Angiographies are done so far in the Clinic.

Ruby Hall Clinic Ruby Hall Clinic
Coronary Balloon angioplasty 7 Stent Implantation
Angioplasty was started in Ruby Hall Clinic about 15 years ago and on an average four Procedures are performed daily. Many of these procedures are complex in nature, where more than one Coronary Artery is opened out. To further improve upon the results of Angioplasty, the use of Stents is now coming of age. These are stainless steel Springs, which are placed in the Coronary Artery after Angiography is done. Our Cardiologists have been using Stents since October 1994.

As per the latest figures from National PTCA registry records of India, Ruby Hall Clinic comes first western India in Angiographies and Angioplasties and is classified as a high volume Institution in Cardiology.

Diagnostic Center

We have a well equipped diagnostic center. Our Diagnostic center houses some of the worlds most modern diagnostic equipments such as stress test, 2 D echocardiography, ultrasound. Medical check–up of senior management staff and personal of various industries is carried out to their entire satisfaction.
The diagnostic facilities include

General Facilities

Medical and General Stores Departments
These are located inside the hospital. since 24 hours Drug Store facility is available, the patients need not go out of the campus to collect the drugs. Administrative back up facilities with medical records section provides a complete cover as regard to the maintenance of the patients’ medical documents.

Nursing School
The Tehmi Grant School of Nursing, launched in 1999, is recognised by the Government of Maharashtra and Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai. The aim is to prepare the students for ‘A’ Grade training program in General Nursing & Midwifery, so as to meet the health care needs of the community. Admissions open in August every year and about 20 students are admitted to the course and the school is completely residential.

Eye Bank
The Eye Bank at Ruby Hall Clinic was established in september 1993. it became a member of the Eye Bank Association of India in 1994 and then a member of the International Federation of Eyebanks, Baltimore, in 1995.

Thereafter, it was renamed the International Eye Bank of Pune, at the Ruby Hall Clinic. Since its inception, the Eyebank has collected 494 eyes. Of these, 123 comeas (25%) of the tissue was utilized for research electron microscopy, tissue culture, organ culture and for training purposes.
The activities of the Eye bank include
The efforts of the Eye Bank personnel are to provide excellent grade tissue for transplantation to the surgeons in the city and fulfill all the criteria as a member of the Eye Bank Association of India and the International Federation of Eye Bank.

A well stocked reference library containing the latest Indian and foreign books and journals in various specialties has been provided for the use of consultants and medical students.

Daily clinical meetings and discussions are held under the Chairmanship of the Chief Medical Officer, during which, difficult cases are discussed, to give patients the advantage of the pooled knowledge of experts in several disciplines. In addition, fortnightly clinical meetings are held as part of the Hospital’s Continuing Medical Education Program, where papers are presented by senior Consultants. The meeting are conducted with audio visual aids and attract good attendance, both from among the hospital staff as also outside doctors.

Ruby Hall Clinic holds regular session covering various disciplines for general practitioners and physicians once a month, on a continuing basis.

Ruby Hall Clinic also conduct medical awareness programs for general public in various cities in Maharashtra.

Kidney Transplants

Ruby Hall Clinic is one of the best centers in the country for treatment of patients with renal failure and stage renal disease. The Department of Nephrology has three highly qualified, well–trained and experienced Nephrologists. The dialysis unit has 6 modern Haemodialysis machines and a trained nursing staff who treat patient round the clock. Approximately 18 patients receive dialysis treatment every day and the unit has done over 50,000 dialysis over the last 10 years. The Institution was the pioneer in renal transplantation, performing the first living related renal transplant and also the first cadaver renal transplant in Pune. It received a certificate of honor for performing more than 200 living related and cadaver transplants have been performed with results comparable to any other leading center.

This Kidney transplant program of Ruby Hall Clinic can attribute its excellent results to over 10 years of experience with renal transplantation, a cohesive and highly experienced staff and a unique collaboration of medical and surgical specialists before and after transplantation.

Our goal is to save and enhance the lives of our patients by providing top quality transplantation service.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities available at Ruby Hall Clinic

Nuclear Medicine

A well equipped nuclear department is Ruby Hall clinic has been functional since 1995. We perform 3500 studies every year of various organs ranging from the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, bones, etc. The Department has a state of the art Siemens Diacam Gamma Camera with integrated facility.

Nuclear Medicine facilities are particularly useful to determine the significance of dilated pelvicalyceal system seen on sonogram so as to determine the system is obstructed or prior to surgery. In an obstructed system the urogram may underestimate the same. Many a times, crucial decision regarding coronary revascularisation is based on Myocardial Perfusion studies. it is a well known fact that patient with angiographically proven coronary artery disease with normal myocardial perfusion study carry benign prognosis if it is managed medically.

Majority of Endocrinologists believe in Radio Iodine Therapy to treat Hyperthyroidism which is very cost effect mode of treatment.

An internist frequently uses nuclear medicine facilities to diagnose conditions such as Pulmonary Embolism, G. I. Bleed, Liver cirrhosis, Reno vascular Hypertension, etc. Thus Nuclear Medicine Department of Ruby Hall Clinic contributes significantly in day to day management of patients in and around the vicinity of Pune.

Operation Theatres

Three major and one minor operation theatres are functioning. In addition two labor rooms in the Gynecology department is also existing. Major surgical procedures including neurosurgery, urosurgery, kidney transplants and ophthalmic operations are carried out.
Advanced Operation Theaters

Other Departments

Pathology Department
A fully equipped Pathology Laboratory is functioning at our institution and services are available for 24 hours. All the biochemical, hematological histo pathology and microbiological investigations are carried out. However, to provide quick services, we have a computerized auto analyzer for complete biochemistry, drug levels, and blood cell counter. A well equipped Blood Bank is functioning at our hospital. This Unit is manned by a qualified team of Doctors and Technicians.

Radiology Department
Our Radiology Department has three X–ray machines with 500 mA, 200 mA, capabilities respectively. This department is routinely carrying out all investigations including contrast studies. In addition three portable X–ray machine are also available for bed side or operation theatre radiology. In addition to the above X–ray machines an Image Intensifier (II TV) is also existing.

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ruby Hall Clinic’s Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology is located in a prestigious luxury ward with private and semi–private labor rooms, well equipped with Fetal Monitors, Baby resuscitation portable ultrasound machine well laid out waiting Rooms, for anxious would–be fathers and luxurious post delivery rooms.

With experienced and well qualified colposcopist and hysteroscopist, well trained Endoscopic Surgeon, a highly trained and experienced Sexologist, and an excellent Counselor, the Department is ready to offer excellent services in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology to the women in Pune. In addition to the above facilities, the Department will offer a menopause and well women clinic, high risk pregnancy & infertility clinic. Epidural Anesthesia for painless labor is available for asking round the clock, under the professional guidance of best team of Anesthesiologists.

Orthopedic Department
This Department house the most modern and sophisticated equipment and our qualified Orthopedic surgeons routinely carry–out the Hip & Knee replacement operations.

Neurology Department
The Neurology Department is one of the super–specialties offer at Ruby Hall Clinic. As a routine, complicated cases are admitted and have a high success rate. it is headed by a most respected senior consultant and has attracted the best of medical personnel.

Trauma Center

Ruby Hall Clinic is proud to announce the opening of the Modern Trauma Center It is a unique facility, the first of its kind in Pune. It is an ultra–modern set up which will cater to the population in and around Pune.
Facilities/Services available at the Trauma Center Post Trauma Intensive Care Unit