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Sadhu Vaswani Medical Complex Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital
Mrs. Hemlata Kotamma
Thank you all for all the good treatment for my mother. The doctors, nurses, staff etc. at Inlaks are very efficient, polite and excellent in all respects. Really, no suggestion to make. All was fine.

Mrs. Jeroo Meher Homji
Satisfied, very prompt nursing. Co–ordination of medical staff is wonderful.

Mr. M. K. Zaveri
I am highly satisfied with the human services rendered to me during my stay. The nursing staff with their smiling faces, the reassuring words of the nursing supervisors, the devoted doctors and the silent but efficient supportive staff. Perhaps, I may make a suggestion. Being an ICCU ward, should not visitors be regulated? This is only a suggestion. Oh, I forgot, may god bless uou all.

Mr. T. S. Ratnam
I was here in the hospital. During my stay here, I never felt I was in the hospital and on the contrary I felt that I was at my own home. Under the able treatment of Dr. Vaidya and very smiling services of everyone I recovered very soon. All the rooms are very clean and staff is efficient.

Mr. M. D. Kulkarni
The room is clean, the staff hospitality is great and the top administration power is excellent. Thank you!

Mrs. Thresa Anthony
Received very prompt, timely affectionate services from all nursing staff and superb treatment from the surgeons. Management also took very keen interest and the recovery has been very rapid. Overall, the experience has been very good.

Dr. S. V. Tungar
I Sayyad Allah Baksh (Ward No.133) under the care of Sister Jose, received full treatment and they gave proper medicine and the night nurse Nijma Sayyad is also good. Time to time food and medicine used to come, ward boy and the doorkeeper is also good. Everything is fine and good over here.

Mrs. Borgaonkar
Very good administration, treatment and service. Bombay hospital was just like this, once upon a time. But unfortunately, it is not so now. I pray to god, history is not repeated here. I am confident it will not, because of top class doctors and staff. Telephone facilities for patients and their relatives are inadequate. Public telephones may be installed on every floor. STD booth may be provided outside the hospital.

Dr. V. B. Deshpande
Excellent service and facilities provided. I must particularly mention about all the doctors and nursing and other staff who have provided services with a smile. I must mention about cleanliness all round.

Mr. B. G. Balpihar
Though we were strangers to this town, they made us feel like home with their services and smiles.