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Tehmi Grant School of Nursing
Ruby Hall is a medical institute of national reputed with world class infrastructure and modern state of the art advanced technical know how.

A team of top class doctors, consultants, technical personnel with very dedicated administrative and service backup forms the key to its repute. Of course the vision and dream of “The Grants” needs no mention. However, the ever depleting lure for foreign pastures by our nursing staff, has not provided continuity to the nursing backup which still forms the mainstay and backbone of any elite medical institution.

Too many raw hands!! Too many distractions. The bond of a sense of belonging (My/Our) Institution does not exist.

It was with this aim in mind, that is to produce and develop our own cradle and nursery, a long conceived project of “The Grant” – A nursing Institute – found immediate favour with the management committee in a presentation made barely 18 months ago.

The other objectives are: Between then and now, the entire management, the consultants, the administration and financial departments left no stone unturned to make this dream a reality. There were feverish activities, visits by the Maharashtra Nursing Council, technical visits, forwarding of applications, physical creation of the school with all its ancillaries, creation of boarding and lodging, preparation of prospectus, selection of Staff and appointment of a Principal – all done in record time.

2nd August 1999 will go down in the annals of RHC as a Red letter day. On this day, The Tehmi School of Nursing was established. Tehmi is Mrs. Grant. The school with its first batch of 20 students is located on the 6th floor of the New Block. These nurses will be awarded a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery, approved by the Maharashtra Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council.

What a dream place to be in. An ideal setting! A nursing school in the midst of a busy modern day hospital with living accommodation inhouse. Posh buildings, shining floors, elegant furniture and what have you!! Even Nursing Schools abroad would fight shy to compete with what RHC has provided.

Almost three months have passed and the students will be starting their clinical experience in the wards. Prior to this, as is customary, the student nurse lit their lamps and pledged themselves to the service of humankind. This solemn occasion was graced by Padmashree Mrs. Lila Poonawala, Dr. K. B. Grant, Mrs. Tehmi Grant. All the senior consultants, administrative staff and senior nurses added strength to the gathering. The students invoked the blessing of goddess Saraswati. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by Mr. Lila Poonawala. The light was passes onto the students by the principal Mr .A. H. Dhanawade and the tutors Mrs. Shyamla Kale and Miss. Mini Philip. The students were initiated into the profession on the 19th of October 1999 by the recital of the pledge. Dr. K. B. Grant and Mrs. Tehmi Grant addressed the students and advised them to maintain the standard of this reputed institution. Mrs. Poonawala urged them to work hard, enjoy their work and maintain quality levels in their profession. The programme ended with a vote of thanks and high tea. We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Patne, Principal, School of Nursing, Pune Hospital, for this selfless attitude and constant guidance and advice at every stage of the setting up of the school.

Setting up the ‘Grant’s School of Nursing’ has signalled the entry of Ruby Hall Clinic into vibrant 21st Century. In this fast moving world where no one has the time to care for others, the only tribe that has devoted the whole of their lifetime in the world to care for the human beings are the – ‘Nurses’. ‘A selfless to mankind’. By setting up this School, Ruby Hall Clinic is spreading it’s wings to take in even more of the sick and suffering humanity.

The School is providing employment to some and a permanent profession to the students. Apart from having created a sense of ‘Espirit de Corps’, the School is a place where the students are learning mutual love, respect and are going to devote their lives for the well being of mankind.

By creating this School, we have created a core Nursing group from our own cradle who will form the foundation and pillars of the institution in the years to come. With the blessing of the Almighty and all at Ruby hall, we are sure this School will be the stepping stone for the ‘Grants Institute of Nursing’ in the years to come.