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India’s first of its kind spiral C.T. Scanner launched at Ruby Hall Clinic, at the hands of Honourable Shri Suresh Kalmadi
India’s best one second spiral C.T. Scanner is now available at Ruby Hall Clinic. The C.T. Scanner was inaugurated at the hands of Hon.Shri Suresh Kalmadi. The present Helical/spiral C.T. Scanner installed at Ruby Hall Clinic is manufactured by Shimadzu Scanner in Japan.

Spiral C. T. ScannerSpiral C. T. Scanner
The Shimadzu C.T. Scanner is equipped with enhanced features like 3D imaging, CT angiography and virtual Endoscopy. With special technology there is lesser radiation to the patients with ultra fast scanning and excellent image quality.

This Scanner has ability to do 3D scanning for critical trauma patients specially for Facial injuries, pelvic injuries and other complex fractures.

CT Angiography is a new technique, which takes less than two minutes to perform a procedure to see the arteries of the Brain, Neck, Kidney and Aorta. These pictures are in the process of replacing conventional Angiographies.

The Virtual Endoscopy technique enables the Radiologists to see the hollow organs like Bronchus (airway) and Colon (Large Intestine) on the scan itself without putting any Endoscope into the patients using computer graphics and advanced software.

An additional feature of this CT scanner is image networking with work station for CT/MR image fusion. This feature is unique to any CT scan Centre in Pune and also the first of its kind in India.

Ruby Hall Clinic extends free and concessional treatment to the economically weaker section of society. The Hospital has also set up a Dispensary in a nearby slum are, which provides free treatment to the slum dwellers.

Ruby Hall Clinic was established in 1959 to offer medical facilities to the needy patients in and around Pune. All the modern facilities and sophisticated medical equipments are available. At present the hospital is functioning with 500 beds. Over the years, highly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic facilities have been added, with objective of providing comprehensive health care under one roof.