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Dr. Rajas Deshpande
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Please tell us about the satisfaction you get by doing such noble work
Ans: The best achievement to me is to be able to solve someone's health problem, to help someone live better. Satisfaction, Happiness, Earnings and Respect will automatically follow.

One thing that you would like to recommend to our government to improve delivery of and access to health care services?
Ans: Make healthcare free. Insure every human being. Stop space research, defense research, study tours of all government office bearers and politicians. 50 years of these have given us nothing. And stop all medical malpractices.

What would you like to say on patient - doctor relation?
Ans: What more can we ask from the patient who hands over his life to us and takes any medicines we prescribe, accepts our treatment choices, pays as per his / her maximum ability, and expects only truth and relief in return… and what a shame that some doctors / hospitals do not understand this faith..The beautiful patient-doctor relationship is critically ill these days. Pray it survives.

In today's fast paced life, often it is difficult for the doctor to explain in detail to the patient about his ailment.
Ans: There is no escape, no argument. It is the doctor's duty to explain the disease, possibilities, justify these and the advised investigations to patient / relatives, and discuss the treatment options with the patient. This takes less than 5 minutes per patient. Patients should avoid doctors on the run.

Your opinion on patients surfing the Internet for health information and then asking you about what they have read.
Ans: This increases awareness and is welcome to some relevant extent. Patient should be aware of the time restrictions of a consultation, and should talk to-the point. Email is a better option.

What do you have to say about medical negligence?
Ans: It is decreasing now as the patient is more aware, seeks multiple opinions, and is wiser than in the past.

What are your expectations from your patients?
Ans: Talking to the point about their illness without mentioning other doctor's or patient's own opinions, coming for the appointment with all past papers and investigation reports, and not hiding any health related information.

How comfortable are you using the Internet?
Ans: Very. Almost dependant on internet to keep abreast of new developments and research. Also helps me keep in direct contact with my patients all over the world.

Do you agree that the Internet and portals like can be used effectively for:

Ans: Yes. And also for effective patient education.

Your experience in using the Internet in your profession.
Ans: Beautiful. 12 years of sheer joy of learning and keeping in touch.

Any message you would like to give to people at large and to colleagues
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