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Dr. Shirish Hiremath
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Please tell us about the satisfaction you get by doing such noble work
Ans: I get smile every time that makes my day.

One thing that you would like to recommend to our government to improve delivery of and access to health care services?
Ans: How much ever you try but changing the government is not a easy job as in India but to certain extend you can make changes for general hospitals and tax free medicines.

What would you like to say on patient - doctor relation?
Ans: I consider a patient as family member and understand his problems.

In today's fast paced life, often it is difficult for the doctor to explain in detail to the patient about his ailment.
Ans: Not really as medical science is improving on a faster scale.

Your opinion on patients surfing the Internet for health information and then asking you about what they have read.
Ans: It is individual's responsibility to study their problem but 1 in 1000 cases happen as such.

What do you have to say about medical negligence?
Ans: Not done intentionally as he is also a human.

What are your expectations from your patients?
Ans: Only a smile.

How comfortable are you using the Internet?
Ans: Very comfortable.

Do you agree that the Internet and portals like can be used effectively for:

Ans: Effectively agreed all.

Your experience in using the Internet in your profession.
Ans: I use it in and out.

Any message you would like to give to people at large and to colleagues
People should understand the do's and don'ts of other things in life and focus much more on their health.