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Please tell us about the satisfaction you get by doing such noble work
Ans: I am proud and very much happy by serving poor people.

One thing that you would like to recommend to our government to improve delivery of and access to health care services?
Ans: Promos and hoardings shown on TV should be in regional languages. Government should take initiative about such issues on all national days. Tax free medication all over the country and easily available in government hospitals.

What would you like to say on patient - doctor relation?
Ans: Transparent and friendly.

In today's fast paced life, often it is difficult for the doctor to explain in detail to the patient about his ailment.
Ans: They can keep informative charts in clinic on certain diseases. Approx 10-15 mins for each patient is mandatory.

Your opinion on patients surfing the Internet for health information and then asking you about what they have read.
Ans: Advisable to read on internet but after reading to consult the doctor because it's easier to explain the remedy.

What do you have to say about medical negligence?
Ans: It is a man-made mistake but not to use in a harmful way.

What are your expectations from your patients?
Ans: Patients should trust the treatment provided by the doctor.

How comfortable are you using the Internet?
Ans: Very comfortable 10/10

Do you agree that the Internet and portals like can be used effectively for:

Ans: 1-2 Helpful to upgrade your knowledge.

Your experience in using the Internet in your profession.
Ans: I am connected with the world and helpful in gaining a lot of knowledge

Any message you would like to give to people at large and to colleagues
Ans: Search net and share your new research and techniques of treatment and knowledge for up gradation and betterment of others.