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Background History
Janani Surkasha Yojana has been started during 2005–06 by Central Government. Maharshtra Government sanctioned this scheme by vide G.R. No. JSY 2005/670 Prs.Kra.171/FW3 dated 26/10/2005 for the rural area only. Vide Gr. No. JSY 2005/670/Pra.Kra.171/ FW dated 14/08/2006 urban area & benefit is given to beneficiaries below pverty line. Vide G.R. No. JSY2005/670 Prs.Kra.175/FW 3 dated 22/12/2006. Benefit is to be given Sc & ST beneficiaries.

To increase the institutional deliveries in urban and rural areas and reduce the MMR & IMR and BPL,SC & ST.

  1. Beneficiary mus be BPL.
  2. In case of SC & ST benefit should be to all pregnant women.(i.e. including non BPL).
  3. The age of registered pregnant mothers should not be less than 19 years.
  4. The benefit should be given to the beneficiaries up to two living child.
  5. For home delivery Rs.500/– amount is nto be given to the beneficary.
  6. For Urban area, the beneficiary after delivery in the institution to be paid Rs. 600/– with 7 days.
  7. For rural area the beneficiary after delivery in the institution to be paid Rs. 700/– within 7 days.
  8. Above benefit is given by demand draft to the beneficiaries.
Service Centers
The scheme is available at all Sub Centres, Primary Health Centres, Community Health Centres, Rural Hospitals, Sub – District Hospitals, District Hospitals, Accredited Hospitals, Hospitals under Medical Colleges, Municipal Corporation Hospitals, Corporation Hospitals and all Government Granted Hospitals.

No. of beneficiaries from the last two years
Sr.No. Year No. of Beneficaries
1 2006–07 46728
2 2007–08 219552