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Includes detailed multimedia lectures, slide shows, quizzes etc.

Cholesterol Symposium
Get tips for Lowering your Dietary Fat Content and read the Frequently Asked Questions

Topics covered are
Cholesterol Review 1999: Dr. M. S. Hiremath.
Atorvastatin: A promising molecule.
Cholesterol and Lipid Review of Biochemistry: Dr. M. W. King. Cholesterol Drug Therapy “Practical Approach” Dr. G. Schectman Guidelines of NIHLB, USA on Cholesterol.

Retinal Symposium
Topics covered are
Primer of Fundus Examination & Atlas of fundus photographs: Dr. Praveen Gorane, Dr. Suresh Shinde. Learn Fundoscopy step-by-step. Atlas with around 100 images serves as your ultimate reference.
Interactive Diabetic Fundus: Dr. Christof Daetwyler Point on the fundus and you will find what you are seeing. Interactive learning. Also has a quiz with voice over.
The Retina Atlas: Dr. J Swoka, Dr. A Kabat Textual and pictorial description of many conditions affecting retina. for example, the infections affecting retina. Learn how to recognize conditions like diabetic retinopathy etc.