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An incredible country India
Not only is it a country steeped in history, but also for the medical services it offers. India offers competent and the latest technology in medicine. The quality of doctors is unquestionably on par with best in the world. Many Indian doctors have American/European credentials. Diagnostic centers are equipped with latest machines from multi national companies. Technology is same as in other parts of the world.

An MRI costs USD 200 – USD 250, Euro 170–200 and AUD, 265–330. Whereas in India it can be done for Rs. 5000–7000

The average price of private heart surgery in the West is USD 50,000. In Bombay it can be done for USD 10,000.

The same applies to heart and kidneys transplants as well as bone marrow, cranial sections and livers, joint replacement, neurosurgery and cancer treatment, dental procedures. We also have very competent plastic surgeons. The hospitals would be the best of their kind and according to your requirements. You would be able to interact with your doctor before you take the final decision.

Due to the value of Rs. in relation to USD, GBP and Euro the medical treatment offered works out to a percent of what would have cost in their own country. Not only that, the savings could provide a luxurious vacation in India and more!!

The MTC (Medical Tourism Council) has already had an initial dialogue with some British National Health Service managers about the possibility of sending patients to India, due to the factor of long waiting lists for surgery.

We will be happy to provide fixed–price treatment packages, integrating all your transport, medical and living costs into one price. Plus a vacation at any of India’s fabulous destinations.

We’d like you to read an article from YaleGlobal Online citing India as a popular destination for medical treatment. partners with to offer you a comprehensive medical cum holiday package.

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