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You may recall that in response to my article in Sakal on profiteering in pharma trade, the Aurangabad bench of the Mumbai High Court initiated a PIL and appointed Adv. Shelke as ‘Amicus Curie’ (friend of the court). I would of course be helping Adv. Shelke in this PIL. However, in the Rugna Hakka Samiti (RHS) meeting, it was decided that RHS should independently join this PIL as co–petitioner. This is to ensure that the PIL would be pursued in an uncompromising manner. Adv. Shelke’s reputation is good. But it is always better if we have an independent position in such PIL.

I am glad to share with you that now we have with us, the Aurangabad based renowned senior lawyer, Adv. Uday Bopshetty who has agreed to work for RHS on this PIL a voluntary basis. Shantatai Ranade had spoken to com. Dr. Kango from Aurangabad and I had spoken to our friend Nandu Nikalje, both know Bopshetty well. Because of their recommendation Adv. Bopshetty has agreed to represent us without changing any fees.

One of our activist friends Mr. Pramod Mujumdar has volunteered to pursue this Aurangabad High Court case. Pramod has been involved in the health movement for over two decades. He was based in Mumbai and was involved in some of the multistake holder meetings organized by CEHAT in 2006 to formulate draft rules under BNHRA. He has shifted to Pune, has been in touch on the Rugna Hakka Samiti front, he is on the RHS e–mail list though so far he has not been able to attend any of our meetings. He called up a few times to share his view that this Aurangabad PIL has a lot of potential, that it should be pursued and that he is willing to take responsibility to follow up this case on behalf of RHS. He is ready to go to Aurangabad if needed.

I would suggest that let us accept Pramod’s offer. Anybody else, who is ready to chip in, is most welcome. S/he can work in co–ordination with Pramod.

Awaiting a positive response/suggestions/commitment about this case.

Anant Phadke
Rugna Hakka Samiti

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