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This card automatically provides you with a complimentary
Personal Air Accident Insurance: Rs. 10 lakh and a
Baggage Insurance: Rs. 10,000/– against loss or damage whilst traveling. The above however attracts a transaction fee.

The Citibank International Gold Card
This card come with a free Personal Accident Insurance up to Rs.15 lakh and a free Baggage Insurance upto Rs. 50,000/– per year.

The Citibank Good Health Policies
These schemes are offered to Diners’ Club members and Citibank Card members only. The Good Health Mediclaim Policy (MC)
This policy is specially designed to reimburse hospital expenses incurred up to Rs. 500,000/– The cover includes If you are already covered by some other Mediclaim policy, the above policy takes effect on immediate expiry of the earlier one. There is no waiting period.

Otherwise, your cover takes effect after a standing waiting period of 30 days.

Should you have a Mediclaim Policy for a lesser amount, the insured sum can be increased to a sum of Rs.500,000/– However the increased benefits are not applicable for those illness/diseases/disabilities, suffered during the previous policy period. The claim for the said illness/disease/disabilities, if admitted, shall be processed as per the previous year’s policy limits only.