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The autopsy procedure is no different from procedures followed in all other 302/doubtful cases:

The only difference is regarding

  1. The inquest – which should be from the magistrate.
  2. Some typical types of injuries.

One important thing to remember at this stage is
The Government of Maharashtra has not yet accepted the National Human Rights Commission’s recommendations of videotaping the whole autopsy procedure.

Autopsy follows a definite set of procedures that has to be carried out.

IMA Report
In a report on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Physicians in India concerning Medical Aspects of Torture’

by IMA, the analysis of response to

Questions Related to Direct or Indirect involvement in Torture’ revealed
Questions –

Have you Directly or Indirectly Been Involved in Torture by

Questions Yes No
Administering drugs to facilitate interrogation 4.6% 95.4%
Withholding treatment 6.3% 93.7%
Giving treatment without consent 8.2% 91.8%

Although the positive responses to the questions are very few – the fact that doctors do participate by some way or the other in torturing suspects, is surely something to worry about.