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For Biochemical Investigations

The blood and CSF from the cadaver may be collected for various biochemical examinations.

Biochemical InvestigationsBiochemical Investigations

Collection of Gastric Aspirate
It is the duty of every medical officer to collect and preserve the gastric lavage sample in all cases of poisoning. The first wash should always be done with plain water and the returning sample should be preserved in a saturated solution of sodium chloride. In the subsequent washes, the antidotes should be added and continued till the returning fluid is clear and odorless. The preserved sample should be packed, labeled, sealed and handed over to the investigating officer after obtaining a due receipt from him.

Collection of samples for DNA finger printing

DNA finger printingDNA Finger Printing

As far as possible, a DNA extraction should be started immediately. But, if the procedure is to be delayed for more than 48 hours, samples should be stored at –20 to –80°C.