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Medical Officer Medical Officer
Prisoner may die in custody due to
  1. Injuries: Especially blunt injuries (by fists, legs or weapons).
  2. Rarely, when police outnumber the offender leading to his death due to:
    • Traumatic asphyxia
    • Prisoner   Prisoner
    • Exhaustion and fear
    • Vasovagal shock as in
    • Arm locks
    • Neck holds – bar arm control
    • Carotid sleeper.
  3. Due to complications resulting from alcohol abuse as:
    • Acute alcohol poisoning
    • Aspiration of vomit and choking on gastric contents
    • Accidents while under influence.
  4. Suicides in custody.
  5. Purely natural death.
When you come across an inmate in custody who is found dead do not issue a death certificate even if you think it to be a natural death.