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Consultation regarding Individual cases with medico–legal complications, such as Medical Negligence
Liability of a doctor for medical negligence can arise in
  1. Negligence as Tort
    Tortuous liability arises from the breach of a duty primarily fixed by Law.
  2. Negligence under Contract
    Contractual liability depends on the express or implied terms agreed upon by the patient and the doctor.
  3. Negligence as Crime
    Criminal liability depends on the amount and degree of negligence, unlike the tortuous liability that depends on the amount of damages done.
  4. Negligence under Consumers Law
    The Consumer Protection Act (1986) was enacted to provide cheap and speedy remedy to aggrieved consumers by way of an alternative to the time consuming and expensive process of civil litigation.
Thus, in case of a dispute, the patient has the option to seek redress at any of the following sources:

The State Medical Council Consumer’s Court Civil Court Criminal Courts If Complaint is lodged with the police