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Mr. Shubhendu Parth, Director – Content & Governance, DEF handing over the award. Mr. Shubhendu Parth, Director – Content & Governance, DEF handing over the award.
Manthan Award wins The Manthan–AIF Award 2007 for India’s Best e–Content for development under e–health category. The award was handed over to the team by Mr. Shubhendu Parth, Director – Content & Governance, DEF on September 22, 2007, at India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi in the facilitation ceremony of fellow of Manthan Award e–Content Pathbreakers.

The Manthan Award is an Indian initiative by Digital Empowerment Foundation, India as the national initiative of World Summit Award, to select and promote the best practices in e–Content and Creativity in India. It involves representatives from each state and union territory of India and visualizes the bridging of digital divide and narrowing of the content gap as its overall goal.

“To create an information rich society where everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, race, region, gender etc., is empowered to create, receive, share and utilize information and knowledge through digital content for their economic, social, cultural and political upliftment and development”.

The core objective of the Manthan Award process is: making visible the contents that already exist and thus demonstrating the richness and diversity of content creativity to those interested in understanding and planning an Information Society.

The Manthan Award wants to demonstrate to every stakeholder the existing range of creativity and excellence in the use of the IT tools and communication networks. It seeks to substantiate the conviction that access to networks and ICT platforms is beneficial to the high quality and value of e–contents which are produced and available. It attempts to consider that quality contents, their production and economic sustainability are fundamental requirements which require changes to the way markets operate and governments act.

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Aarogya means wellness or well–being and that is precisely what the site strives to contribute towards. is one of the leading Indian health portals. Health portals are not meant to be an alternative to doctors but to complement them and provide various support services. By virtue of its popularity amongst the Internet fraternity, aarogya lends itself well to disseminate health care information. Aarogya is ideally suited as a tool for brand buliding. Aarogya’s depth of 5000 pages covers a broad range of topics, from alternative medicine to latest allopathic and diagnostic practices. Its interactive database section which has searchable information We at Aaroga believe in the value of the brick and click model.

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