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Picture this–you’re 45yrs old, with radiant, taut, wrinkle free skin. What doesn’t need to be imagined is the fact that this is all true.

All of this is possible, if not more. Your breasts, hips, thighs, face, chin can all be worked on and improved without any surgical procedures applied on them. This new method is the NON SURGICAL BODY LIFT. Dr.Shah has brought this revolutionary method to Pune and has been very successful in achieving results with his patients who have undergone this procedure. “The result is instant, sometimes I work on one half of the face the patients then stand in front of the mirror and the difference is extremely noticeable. You can see the lift immediately”, says Dr.Shah.

The procedure works by applying an Isometric contraction. In keeping the length intact you bring the muscle tone in control. Since the skin is attached to the muscle, it stretches over the muscle and in turn becomes wrinkle free. Contraction of each muscle lasts 6 sec and the machine switches itself off at the specified time. Two electrodes are used–one at the origin of the muscle and the second at the termination. If you are as paranoid as me and need to cross check, which in my books would be the right thing to do, be rest assured. I’ve given the machine the third degree and seen how it works, it is absolutely safe and very quick too.

The procedure takes up to 10 sittings which last 20 mints each and the entire cost amounts up to approximately Rs 7000/-. The only follow up one has to do is visit the doctor every once a month or fortnight for him to check and decide if he needs to continue the procedure so as to maintain the lift. If one were to compare, the visits would amount to one’s visit to the parlor or the gymnasium, “You need to maintain everything, waxing, threading, non surgical lifts, they’re all the same”, says Dr. Shah. “The method is totally full proof and one doesn’t need to feel hesitant at all”.

Dr. Shah says “That the method is only used in the areas which cannot be worked on by physical exercise”. This non surgical body lift cannot rid one of fatty tissues or reduced one’s fatty mass. It works on a very simple and scientific method which lifts aging skin, or reduces wrinkles where necessary.

With all the advancements being made in the world of medicine and science, this is yet another. However this is revolutionary as it does not require surgery, which in one’s mind reduces apprehensions to a large extent. Dr. Shah has a clinic opposite the Residency Club, Pune. Do visit him for further information or write in your queries and will ensure that they are answered.