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What are Fad diets? Can they help one reduce weight? Do they really work? These were some of the questions which were common amongst most of the people whenever the topic of Fad diets came up. The only way I could get a legit solution to all such queries was by meeting someone who would give me a scientific and apt answer. Vrushali Pandit is a dietician and was very cooperative in answering all of our questions. Some of the things we found out were really interesting to learn about. So here is the low down on all that you would want to know about fad diets and all other ways to loose weight quickly.

“One can loose weight quickly, but there would be no fat loss involved in the process”, says Mrs. Pandit. She further explained that once you start taking diet supplements and diets, the body starts loosing water. Thus reducing the water balance and muscle mass. This at times involves loss of the nutritional status and effects like dark circles and loss of hair have been observed. The optimum level of energy is not reached. Mrs. Pandit further states, “The fat reduction is extremely slow, it is hardly 2%”.

“Once you stop this diet, you tend to put on weight and start eating a lot”. says Mrs. Pandit. If you exercise at the time with the diet, and if the physical activity stops, the muscle becomes very loose in turn the fat cells grow faster. Leading only to one result increase in weight. Also too much use of these diets and quick ways of loosing weight harm the elasticity of the body. The response to such weight reducing programs diminishes as the body starts becoming immune to them.

“There is another issue which has to be dealt with, that is the side effects of such diets”, says Mrs. Pandit. Diets such as Herbal Life, the General Motors Diet along with other related diets “Do have effects in the long run”. Firstly one can administer what we eat, and in what amounts. If you have a protein deficiency you can take more of it in some form in your meal. This however does not apply in pre–prepared diets, all you have to do is mix it in some form and the intake is pre determined. Thus there are cases of nutritional deficiency from these particular diets. There is also the fact that one tends to put on weight as soon as you were to stop taking it. so eventually the consumer is sorry if he takes it and is sorry if he doesn’t.

The solution is to stress on natural foods and regular exercise. “It is a scientific fact that the body should not loose more than 2–3 kgs a week or else it will effect the body negatively”, says Vrushali Pandit. Therefore a balanced nutrition and a balanced diet along with exercise makes the ideal fitness equation. The question as to whether we should opt for quick ways to loose weight or we shouldn’t follow them has been answered. However personally I would add that all metabolisms are different from the others. Such diets may suit you or they may not. Therefore the decision ultimately is yours, the only added perk now is that you are “Aware” and that is what is most important.