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Times of India
25 May 2008
Pune, India
By Vishwas Gautam

PT tells you why it’s important to follow a systematic diet and fitness regime
Source: National Institute of Mental Health, NIH, US Source: National Institute of Mental Health, NIH, US
This is a fantasy situation for most of us, who’re struggling to lose weight. But yes, there are people in this world, who keep thinking of ways to put on some weight–because they’re skinny. But, going by what dieticians say, that too is easier said than done. For, eating anything you can lay your hands on is not the solution here. You need to go on a systematic diet and fitness regime.

Eating, obviously, is the most important factor when it comes to weight gain. So, begin by deciding on a wellthought out meal plan. Consult a dietician to figure out when you should eat what, and how much. The idea is to consume more calories than you can burn. Says consultant nutritionist and dietician, Fortis hospitals, Kanupriya Bagrodia, “One should have a high protein diet. Include paneer, milk and dairy products, egg whites, fish, soya bean, chicken, fruits and cheese in your daily diet. But remember, you have to gain lean mass, not fat. So, exercise also plays an important role”.

There are many myths about weight loss and weight gain, both, and Kanupriya advises against following popular trends and mindsets about weight gain. “There are certain myths–for instance, that drinking beer will help gain weight. I would advise people not to do that, for beer accumulates only in the abdomen and that will give your body a bad shape. Plus, thin women at times avoid the gym because of the fear of developing a muscular body. They shouldn’t do so, because gymming helps to build muscle mass, which, in turn, burns calories and helps keep the metabolism high”.

Here’s a Basic Diet Plan
Breakfast: Banana milkshake, two–three egg whites and toast with some fruits Mid
morning: A mix of fruits
Lunch: Chicken/paneer, dal, seasonal vegetables, chapattis and rice

An hour before hitting the gym, in the evening: A fruit of your choice
An hour after gym: Paneer/chicken sandwich for proteins
Dinner: Same as lunch Drink at least two glasses of milk everyday

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