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13 February 2009
Kolkata, India

Judgement Interrupted: Pramila Devi was operated on the left foot whereas the right was meant to be operated
Judgement Interrupted: Pramila Devi was operated on the left foot whereas the right was meant to be operated
Yet another case of medical negligence at a Kolkata hospital.

Ninety–four–year–old Pramila Devi had to undergo two operations in 2 days, one of which was totally uncalled for.

After she fell down from bed and broke her right leg, the attending doctor Surojit Kundu at the SSKM government hospital, operated her on the left leg and pierced the traction rod through her nimble unaffected bone.

Then after he realised the mistake, which patient’s family pointed out, she was operated upon again. This time on the right leg.

Meanwhile, she is now left with traction rods in both her thigh bones.

Rupayan Dey, son of the patient says, “This is a case of medical negligence. They were informed that her injury is on the right leg. We have no clue as to why they did the opposite.”

Anxious family members have lodged an FIR for medical negligence against the offender. The hospital authorities have acknowledged the mistake and the doctor who conducted the operation is absconding.

Hospital Superintendent, SSKM, Ashok Kumar Ghosh says, “I take the responsibility of the whole incident. It is natural for a layman to react the way the family members of the patient have, but first and foremost, we are going to order a probe to find out if any wrong medical procedure was carried out by the doctors in the first place by a panel of experts.”

Ninety–four–year old Pramila Devi is now writhing with pain and often loosing sense, the negligence of treatment by the operating doctor is the reason for her sorry state. SSKM is considered to be the best government hospital in the state and this goes to show the standard of medical facilities in the state.

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