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Times of India
22 April 2009

Snoring can Damage your Sex Life: Study Snoring can Damage your Sex Life: Study
Snoring is often taken lightly. But, snorers please note–the condition could hamper one’s sex life, says a leading British doctor. According to Dr Mark Potter, snoring can have profound implications for a person’s wellbeing, impacting on everything from their sex lives to the odds of succumbing to a death from heart attack or stroke.

In fact, heavy snorers can also struggle to get their breath when they are asleep and their oxygen levels plummet so low that they turn blue, ‘The Times’ reported.

“The lack of oxygen triggers a survival response that wakes them briefly to prevent suffocation, a cycle of snoring, obstruction and wakening that can be repeated hundreds of times a night.

“This results in an awful night’s sleep, and predisposes the snorer to a range of health problems including high blood pressure and heart disease,” Dr Potter said.

He has suggested that snorers should consult a doctor to get rid of the condition.

“More extensive investigation is likely to be required if sleep apnoea syndrome is suspected. The first step for most patients will be to monitor their oxygen levels throughout the night using a simple fingertip device – a pulse oximeter,” Dr Potter said.

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