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Times of India
29 November 2010

13 Really Bad Health Decisions
Life isn’t easy and choices are not always obvious. Often we find ourself wading deep in the grey area of life, having to choose between the lesser of two evils. And, more often than not, when we need to take such health decisions, we tend to make blunders that could truly be disastrous for our health. It’s time we gave them a thought. Here are some of those disastrous decisions which should be avoided at all costs.
  1. Smoking more in order to eat less and control your weight.
  2. Stopping smoking, but drinking more instead.
  3. Solving your insomnia problem by getting hooked on sleeping tablets.
  4. Living on unhealthy takeaways, because it’s simply easier than cooking.
  5. Taking laxatives in order to lose weight.
  6. Discontinuing prescription medication without consulting your doctor.
  7. Taking up smoking to calm your nerves.
  8. Bingeing and vomiting, in order to maintain your weight.
  9. Dropping gym to watch more soapies on TV.
  10. Doing drugs, because you think you can control it.
  11. Cheating on your diet if you’re diabetic.
  12. Taking painkillers on a daily basis – just in case you get a headache.
  13. Saving money by buying a cheap toothbrush and cutting dental floss from your budget.

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